Ministries to encourage, inform, teach, or discipline

Christian 54 Online is not only a music station. We also feature quite a few national ministries throughout the day. Some of the speakers had been carried on WLIX-AM too, and others are newer or hold a special meaning for us personally.

We chose these ministries carefully based on their overall message content and the organizations' Christian worldview. We also tried to keep all of our listeners in mind by choosing ministries that would be of interest to fans of our music. Most of your favorite national speakers produce both a half-hour program and a short feature. Our programs are all vignettes of five minutes or less. While we agree that long-form teaching programs are an integral part of many Christian radio stations (including WLIX-AM), we chose to play the shorter programs several times an hour to offer our listeners a variety of music and spoken ministry whenever they tune in.

Christian 54 does not receive financial compensation for carrying any of our ministry programs. We are classified as a "hobby" broadcaster, meaning we cannot earn any money from our programming or advertising. Even if the legal rules change, we are honored and blessed to have these organizations as ministry partners and would not "charge" for our carrying their programs.

Each program you hear on Christian 54 is being played for one reason: we hope that it will help you in your daily Walk and bring you closer to The Lord. Please click on the link below to access a complete list of our programs. We have also included links to each ministry's homepage.

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Please support these ministries if you are financially able.


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